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Ridwan Satria

こんにちは! 😊 My name is Ridwan, Let me introduce myself.

I’m currently enrolled as a freshman in the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering at Kyoto University. I’ve been interested in Geography and History since my elementary school years. During high school, I’ve been taking part in some competitions including being a silver medalist of geography in the National Science Olympiad and participating in the 3rd International History Olympiad, Berlin. Even though I’m continuing my education in an engineering discipline, I really love to share knowledge about geography to retain my geography knowledge so my knowledge is not going to vanish as time goes on. I hope this website will help everyone to explore more about geography and maybe preparing for the upcoming National Science Olympiad.

Happy learning!


Silver Medalist of Geography, National Science Olympiad

First Winner of Atmospheric Science Olympiad

Winner of Provincial Level Madrasa Science Competition

Participant of the 3rd International History Olympiad

Silver Medalist of National Geography Olympiad


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